We use a Pro Tools Ultimate system and Dangerous Summing for Hybrid Mixing.  Our computer runs a plethora of software, including Studio One 5, Logic X, Ableton Live and Reason. We use live guitars, percussion, and various software & hardware synthesizers to provide your project with a unique blend of sounds.

We use DSP accelerated plug-ins, high-quality pre-amplifiers & converters to record vocals and instruments to attain radio-ready sounds targeted by music industry professionals. At Top Notch Audio, we understand that even the best tools and studio gear mean nothing without skill. We take pride in our equipment and our knowledge to use them effectively.

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate, Studio One 5, Logic X, Ableton Live, Reason Studio

Instruments: Software
Native Instruments Komplete (Kontakt, Battery , Massive X, etc)
IK Multimedia MAX (SampleTank, Miroslav, Syntronic..)
Arturia V Collection, UVI, Nexus 3, Omnisphere. Reason Studio

Instruments: Hardware
MPC Live drum machine/sequencer
PRS Electric Guitar, Gibson Electric Bass
Steel Drum, Bongos, shakers, etc.
NI Kontrol Controller with aftertouch
Casio 88 Key Piano / Midi Controller

Signal Processing: Digital-Analog Hybrid Mixing
Converters: UA Apollo X16, Burl ADC Transformer Master Converters
EQs: Neve 551s, SSL 611s, Elysia XFilter, Trident 80Bs
WesAudio Dione, JLM LA500s (LA3A), dbx 560s, Crane Song Falcons
Heritage Successor, Summit Audio TLA50s, SSL Style GBuss VCA comp, Chameleon
Lexicon MX400 Reverb
Dangerous 2Bus 16 Channel Analog Summing

Signal Processing: Software
ProTools Heat, Softube, Waves Mercury, Maag, Metric Halo, McDSP, Slate, Plugin Alliance
Sonnox, FabFilter, Oxford, Lexicon PCM Reverb, UAD Complete, Izotope Ozone

Neuman U87
Rode: NT1A, NT5s
Blue: Bluebird, Encores
Shure: SM57s, SM58, SM7B
Sennheiser: 602, 604s (drums)

Headphones: AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic
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